Through the practice of specifically sequenced “Warrior Series” comprised of Asana, the Warrior Athlete develops strength in the Mind, Body and Spirit. Asana helps to balance the physical body by toning muscles and nerves, massaging internal organs, and improving circulation and digestion. Asana makes the body flexible, durable, resilient, and improves endurance, stamina and willpower. Internally, Asana serves as a stimulant for the inner more subtle body by purifying the energy channels, improving the quality of vital energy and life force, and awakening the great Heart and Warrior within us all.

Among other qualities, Warrior Yoga focuses on developing the following:

CORE: Warrior Yoga develops “core” at a very root and deep level. Core strength lends itself to vast powers through the midsection, as well as incredible application in balancing poses and inversions. Furthermore, “Core” is developed through the strength of character traits such as perseverance, dedication, faithfulness, service and confidence. To say a Warrior Yoga practitioner has “Core Strength” is to recognize both their inner and outer capacities.

CONCENTRATION: A primary benefit of Warrior Yoga is to improve your concentration, focus and willpower. Warrior Yoga has been described as “moving mediation.” 

BALANCE: Balance begins in your mind and extends to every corner of your life. Balance in Warrior Yoga is more subtle than most sports, and can lead to gracefulness, accuracy in motion, and speed.

ENERGY MOVEMENT: Through the power of breath work, Warrior Yoga practitioners learn how to intentionally focus their life-force, leading to an ability to forcefully project intention into the Universe.

DETOXIFYING: Through the unique twisting forms of Warrior Yoga, a practitioners internal organs are “washed” leading to detoxifying and cleansing.