Our mission is to “Educate and Inspire You to make Yoga a Part of Your Life.” We believe in a holistic approach to Yoga, with an emphasis on developing strength in the Mind, Body and Spirit.  Our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of background, is a Warrior at heart. We believe that physical and spiritual practices have the ability to develop character traits which positively effect the quality of our life, and the lives of our loved ones.


We are here to make a difference in our community, and empower people to realize their Divine Self and Great Warrior Spirit.


We educate and inspire our students to create physical, mental and spiritual alignment during “Asana”  and to “Walk Along Gods Path.” We also teach the alignment of character, and the relationship between Yoga and life. The vast majority of our Warrior Athletes, within one year of Warrior Yoga training, are propelled into their greatest accomplishments, ranging from graduating the Police and Fire Academy, to completion of the Special Forces Pipeline, to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt World Championship victories, to overseas study in an MBA program. These frequently heard success stories are due to equal part development in the Body, the Mind, and perhaps most importantly, the Spirit.


Walk courageously along Gods path. Believe unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others. Learn new Asana, teach them to a friend. Forge an indomitable body and spirit. Apply character traits learned on the mat to life: Purity – Truthfulness – Peacefulness – Contentment – Austerity – Surrender –Willpower and Namaste. Be Humble. Encourage others.

TeamWarriorYogaClaudio Franca Team Warrior Yoga


  • Service

    We desire to be of service to our community, and to empower others to honor and love one another.

  • Faith

    We recognize that as Children of God, we are all connected through our Creator. Our intention is to walk courageously on God’s path.

  • Personal Belief

    We develop our Mind, Body and Spirit, which results in authentic personal belief, courage, and optimism.

  • Encouragement 

    We understand the power of encouragement, and take steps to be a source of inspiration, leadership, love, and motivation for others.

  • Truthfulness

    We believe in the power of our word, and discipline ourselves to communicate in the positive tense.