What is Warrior Yoga?

The word “Satvana” means “Warrior” in the Sanskrit language. Warrior Yoga is strongly grounded in the ancient science of Yoga and other noble warrior traditions. As a modern practice, Warrior Yoga spans traditional Yoga, Martial Arts, and Functional Training Modalities. The result is an integrated system which seamlessly unites the Warrior path with the traditional Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga as taught in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

I am a beginner in Yoga - is that OK?

Yes! The Warrior Yoga Methodology is accessible to everyone, because it’s adaptable to every body type, age level, and athletic background. Warrior Yoga works for everyone: from the never-exercised-before newbie to professional Athletes. Our teacher, Greg Amundson, says: “Believe Unconditionally In Yourself and The Ability of Others!”

It is my first class - what do I need to know?

Nothing! Just show up 10-15 minutes to sign a waiver and flow through the space. Let us take care of the rest – we are here to support you, encourage you, and teach you Warrior Yoga.

Do you offer Public Safety, Student of Military Discounts?

Yes! We believe Warrior Yoga is GREAT for the Public Safety and Military populations. Our founder Greg Amundson served in the US Army and as a Special Agent with the DEA. Our combined Public Safety, Military and Student rate is $85.00 a month.

Do I need a Yoga mat?

Nope! We have everything you could possibly need for your Warrior Yoga practice. We provide Yoga mats, custom made Meditation Benches, Wool Blankets, Props, and Cushions.

Where can I get custom Warrior Yoga apparel?

Custom made Warrior Yoga and Satvana Yoga apparel, to include T-shirts and Hats, are available on the Firebreather Athletics apparel website.

Where do I park?

Please respect our Pleasure Point community and neighbors! Street parking is allowed during all hours of the day. We encourage Athletes training at CrossFit Amundson to leave their cars at the gym, and walk to the Yoga studio! We also have a custom bicycle rack in front of the studio door.