The word “Satvana” means “Warrior” in the Sanskrit language. At Satvana Yoga in beautiful Pleasure Point, California, we teach Kokoro Yoga as developed by Mark Divine, the founder of SEALIFT, and author of the New York Times bestselling books Unbeatable Mind, Kokoro Yoga, and Way Of The SEAL. Our style of Warrior Yoga has also been greatly influenced by Satvana Yoga founder Greg Amundson, and world renowned Yoga Teacher Rolf Gates, author of the bestselling books Mediations From The Mat and Mediations on Intention and Being. 


Walk courageously along Gods path.
Believe unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others.
Learn new Asana, teach them to a friend.
Forge an indomitable body and spirit.
Apply character traits learned on the mat to life:
Purity – Truthfulness – Peacefulness – Contentment – Austerity – Surrender –
Willpower and Namaste.
Be Humble. Encourage others.
 – Greg Amundson


Whether you are just starting a fitness program, training intensively as an experienced Athlete or just exploring lifestyle improvements and Yoga, Warrior Yoga and Satvana Yoga has something that will transform the way you view your Mind, Body and Spirit. Warrior Yoga is strongly grounded in the ancient science of Yoga and other noble warrior traditions. As a modern integrated practice, Warrior Yoga spans traditional Yoga, Martial Arts, Functional Training Modalities, and valuable life lessons from Greg Amundson’s and Mark Divine’s vast Spiritual Practices and leadership experiences in the US Military, DEA and Special Operations. WarriorYoga

At Satvana Yoga, our body of practice is referred to as “Satvanga”. This unique term, coined by Greg Amundson, unites the Sanskrit word “Satvana” meaning “Warrior” with the Sanskrit word “Yoga” which means “Union.” The result is an integrated system which seamlessly unites the modern Warrior path with the traditional Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga as taught in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

On a physical level, Satvana Yoga brings deep awareness in understanding how the body moves in space and time. Through dedicated practice, the students senses turn “inward” and develop the ability to “listen and feel” with refined skill and sensitivity. Warrior Yoga practitioners have a deepened sense of intuition, awareness, and inner-knowing. Furthermore, the inner strength practitioners develop spills over into physical pursuits, improving quality of movement, virtuosity, and gracefulness.

On an internal level, Satvana Yoga connects the student with their higher self, life purpose, and Divine knowledge of God.

We look forward to sharing our Satvana Yoga studio with you, and our passion for Warrior Yoga.